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Pure Natural Hair And Skin products

Hello Friends, I make natural and pure beauty products without any kind of preservative, color or artificial fragrance.
All my products are hand made from scratch, I am trying to bring back ancient and lost natural herb remedies in oils, hair and skin products.
The coconut oil that I use is also extracted from fresh coconuts at home by me
Try and see the difference in your skin and hair…
Here are the products –
– Oil for hair loss/ dandruff / premature graying / damaged hair – Oil is made at home from fresh and pure coconut milk and infused with herbs.$30
– Eczema cream – Made with herbs and natural ingredients only, no color, no preservatives and no artificial ingredient. Made with homemade fresh coconut oil, Organic oats and Neem extract Fresh Rosemary etc $35
– Moisturizing oil – Can be used as daily moisturizer and night cream, Anti wrinkle, Anti blemish, Anti ageing. Brings fresh natural glow back to your skin. Made with homemade fresh coconut oil Fresh Herbs , natural ingredients only, no color, no fragrance, no artificial ingredient added. Hypoallergenic $35
– Glow Pack –Organic Raw honey Face pack to nurture and moisturize skin, improves the quality of the skin and reverses ageing and wrinkles. Natural ingredients only, Hypoallergenic, no color, no fragrance and no artificial ingredients $35
– Scrub / Exfoliator – Helps exfoliate dead skin, increases blood circulation, smoothen and nourishes skin. Made with pure natural ingredients only.$15 per pack
You can contact me at 925-549-4325