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Kaargo – Your Neighborhood Trusted Shipping Network

Introducing Kaargo!!!!
Kaargo is your neighborhood trusted community shipping network that connects individuals who want to ship packages to their loved ones with travelers who want to monetize their excess luggage capacity. Say goodbye to exorbitant shipping fees and impersonal courier services – with Kaargo, you can save both money and the environment by utilizing existing travel routes.
Kaargo is now available for Shippers and Travelers located within Bay Area, California traveling/shipping items to major cities in India.
Join the Kaargo Bayarea WhatsApp community here:https://chat.whatsapp.com/Lqn4Lk1vJGF7gUfEAkmkX3
Read more about how Kaargo works by visiting https://www.kaargo.io/ and Kaargo FAQs – https://www.kaargo.io/faqs