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Looking for a care provider for middleschooler in Fremont

I am looking for someone who  drives to  pick up my child from Hopkins Junior high in Fremont. The person would bring my child home, prepare a meal, do some light cleaning, help around the house and drive my child to other activities as needed.  Please reach out if you are interested or know someone reliable who might be interested. I live in the mission area in Fremont.

Now a site like TriValleyDesi.com for the Fremont area – TriCityDesi.com

Over last year or so, as the user base of this site neared 2500, there were a few posts coming from the Tri-City area of Fremont, Newark, and Union City as well. That someone should set up a site for that area as well became a refrain I would hear again and again, in emails and discussions. So come January 2017, and we have created TriCityDesi.com, on the same pattern. Some posts have also been moved to this new site to seed it.

TriCityDesi.com is rooted in the success and usefulness of TriValleyDesi.com. The premise is the same: an area with a lot of Indians, but who are not connected well, so not able to help each other. No one can deny the benefits and use of a well-moderated message-board, but there is nothing stopping the community to air any kind of content. There are more than 150 different categories, and more are being continuously added.

A community site can only be as good as the participation it receives from the community. So please do reach out to your friends in the tri-city area. The new site will also get as good a moderation and user-support as this one. TriCityDesi.com is set up to be a totally separate site. New users, new posts, new ads. We believe in keeping it very local so that it can stay vibrant, and useful for the community.

In case you have something to post, please login here: http://www.tricitydesi.com/wp-login.php.
Again, Tri-City area consists of Fremont (including communities of Centerville, Niles, Irvington, Mission San Jose, and Warm Springs), Newark and Union City. In case you are looking for to post with respect to Tr-Valley area, please continue to use www.trivalleydesi.com.