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Grand Sweets and Snacks – Diwali Preorder by Nov 6

Dear Friends / Customers, We are taking pre-order for Grand Sweets & Snacks for Diwali. Please send your order on or before by Nov 6th 2015 and you can pick up your items on Nov 9th 2015 evening onwards.
We have a special arrangements with Grand Sweets so we will get Fresh Sweets and Snacks every time. Please send email with quantity with PH no to igroceryontheg…@g…com so that we can reserve them for you. All Snacks/Sweets comes with 250 Gms packet. Snacks are just $5.99 and Sweets are $6.99. All Thokku / Rice Mixes ( 500 gms) is just $7.99
We are getting Sambar Podi, Idli Podi, Paruppu Podi also. Please let us know whatever you need. Please note that the price mentioned above is for pickup from Pleasanton and San Ramon, CA
Please feel free to Forward it to your Friends & Families

Fresh Homemade Diwali Sweets and Namkeen

Fresh Homemade India style Diwali sweets available. Book now to avoid Diwali rush!
All sweets homemade in fresh Desi ghee, delicious and mouthwatering!!! Maa ke haath ka swaad!
Taste the difference!
Besan Laddoo
Besan Barfi
Mung ki daal ka halwa
Til ke Laddoo

All sweets $9.99 / lb, available in gift boxes

Mouthwatering Namkeen also available
Namkeen Mathi
Masala Mathi
Namkeen Paare / Matar

All Namkeen $7.99/ lb, available in gift boxes