Spa experience at home this festive season

I am a licensed esthetician. I have more then 13 years experience in this field. now there is no need to leave the comfort of your own home. I will travel to your location with everything needed to treat you to a relaxing spa experience at home. Services includes facial treatments, waxing,threading,and makeup. Services are available to groups and individuals, it is important to take a little time for yourself to rest and relax. I look forward to seeing you soon. To make an appointment please call or email me at [email protected] or call me at 925-4088699
Please contact for threading price.

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  1. my price list

    (only offered for fine to medium course facial hair removal)

    Eyebrows $7
    Eyebrow & Upper Lip Combo $12
    Upper Lip $6
    Chin $5
    Full Chin $10-20
    Cheeks $7
    Forehead $5
    Corehead Sides $3
    Sideburns $7
    Full Face with eyebrow 30


    Eyebrows $10
    Upper Lip $8
    Full Face with Brows $35
    Full Face without Brows $25
    Cheeks $8
    Chin / Full Chin $10 / $15
    Sideburns $15
    Neck $10
    Under Arms $15
    1/2 arms / Full Arms $15 / $30
    Shoulders $10
    1/2 Back / Full Back $25 / $40
    Chest / Stomach $25 / $25
    Navel Line $8
    1/2 Legs / Full Legs $30 / $45
    Bikini Basic $25


    Shahnaz’s herbal facial 40,
    Shahnaz’s gold facial 50

    Professional facial treatments for hyper pigmentation, acne, dehydration,mature skin and chemical peels

    Casmara’s stimulating and anti-wrinkle with natural ampoules Hidrix facial ( the formula is based on vitamin C,Dill and Seaweed Extract, stimulating collagen synthesis and reduce the damaging effects of free radicals thus enchanting skin elasticity. 110$
    Le mieux signature facial 80
    Le mieux Hungarian facial 85
    Brightening facial 80,if u do 4 treatments then it’s 60 for each facial
    Acne facial 80 if u do 4 treatments then 60 for each facial
    Collagen peptide facial 75
    Hylouronic facial for dry, dehydration and mature skin 75
    Chemical peels
    Mandalic+ arbutin peel 30% 95
    Glycolic+ salicylic peel 25% 85
    Mandalic+ arbutin peel 15% 75
    Add retinal 5% in your facial for 5$
    hena on hairs.depends on hair length.
    Makeup for bridal 100+
    Party makeup( natural look 40+)


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