Shooting Stars Preschool – full day and extended day care available

Shooting Stars Preschool in Dublin has now full day and extended day options available in their preschool . Please call 925 361 5053 for more details.
A little information about our preschool:
At Shooting Stars Preschool we understand that children are never “just playing”, but rather that they are learning through their play when skilled and caring teachers guide them to explore in a safe, stimulating environment.  We balance free exploration with teacher directed activities which address all areas of a child’s development: emotional, cognitive, physical, language, literacy, creative.  These activities are developmentally appropriate,  meaning that they are tailored to the unique way that young children aged 2 through 5 learn – by interacting directly with materials, through music and movement, with games, and with laughter!   Many parents worry about “academics” at this age, but our youngest students mostly need to develop their social emotional skills: sharing, persistence, self control, conflict resolution, attention span, etc.  Beyond that, our preschool serves to help children learn PRE-reading and PRE-math skills to provide a strong base for what they will learn in kindergarten.  We want children to grow up to be future innovators!  To achieve that, we must guide them to create, question, problem solve, connect, collaborate, and wonder – not simply find and give the “right answer”!

7 thoughts on “Shooting Stars Preschool – full day and extended day care available”

  1. Hi Dipti,
    I run a licensed home day care. If interested than contact for details and I would love to provide care for your child.

    Wonderful Minds Day Care

  2. Hi Ekta

    Is your day care the same one named as shooting stars?
    Please mention your that I can call you and talk further.

    Thank you


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