Sasta Desi – Save on local Desi Restaurants, Salons, etc.

Save 50% to 90% off you favorite Desi Restaurants, Salons, Boutiques, Grocery Stores, Family Activites and More!
Sasta Desi is launching on September 1st,2011. Are you ready for great deals? Go to our website at and join our mailing list. All entries prior to August 10th, 2011 will receive 10% off their first purchase!

One thought on “Sasta Desi – Save on local Desi Restaurants, Salons, etc.”

  1. This desi daily deals site is dead! No more updates/deals on the site since months. No deal in Oct for East bay, 1 in Nov, and none there after.
    Sad to see this Dublin based start up going into oblivion…

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