Personalized care for your preschooler in the heart of Dublin City

Shooting Stars Preschool in Dublin is an excellent place to have your preschooler bloom in his/her own way. With our experienced and passionate staff, the children in our program are never dull and are always having fun in their own creative way. This preschool is ideal if you want that personalized attention for your child , and where the staff can go that extra mile to meet your needs as much as they can. The program here is divided in to different areas of study and the children are exposed to different levels of literacy to help with their overall development.
If you are a parent whose primary concern is the quality of care that you receive for your child, then call 925.361.5053 now. They are conveniently located close to W.Dublin BART station and are open from 7.30 am – 6.30 pm , Monday to Friday. You can also check them out on Yelp and /or visit

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