Nissan Altima 2015 2.5S 258$ pm – lease transfer

Details of my Ad in Leasetrader site.
Please contact me in emailid: balasub…@g…com. I have paid 3000 $ Downpayment while leasing this car and that will come as added advantage along with the cash incentive 2250 $. So with Zero Downpayment the 258 per month lease is equivalent to 115.00 (considering the 3000 Downpayment as discount for remaining months)
Excellent condition Nissan Altima 2015 2.5 S (Special Edition ) with Rear Camera and Spoiler; Comes with Alloy Wheels and very well maintained. Lease Includes Prepaid Maintenance (2490 $ – part of Payment in lease) + Pain Protection + Sky Link Tracking. This Will ensure zero worries while the lease is closing.
I am leaving country due to personal situation and need to close this soon.

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