Moving to San Ramon – Apartment / school suggestions?

Hi there,  we are a desi family moving to Trivalley region  and wanted to know of apartments in/around San Ramon with good desi community. We have 2 kids – age 3 and 5 – and hence want to be sure of (1) excellent elementary school and (2) reasonable play environment/company for kids.   Any suggestions or a short list to consider?   Thanks so much.

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  1. City of San ramon has a family income limit if you want to rent an apartment. You have to be below this amount to rent an apartment which is annoying. Other option is to buy a home or rent one. Windermere and gale ranch are the most sought after desi communities.

  2. We found a few apartments/condos that do not have income restrictions AND with floorplan we like (list below). Foothill/twincreek condos is looking good from price/sqft perspective. Want to know if there are desis there..Anyone?

    Our shortlist of San Ramon apartments/condos that do not have income restrictions:

    1) Foothill / twincreek condos
    2) Canyon creek apartments
    3) Reflections condos
    4) Bel Air apartments
    5) Promontory view
    6) Canyon woods
    7) Crow canyon
    8) Country brook
    9) Bridges (next to reflections)

  3. Hi kgvenkatesh,

    I am in a similar situation as you were in last year. My family is moving to San Ramon in the next few weeks and I want to know which apartment you had chosen and how your experience has been. We currently live in south bay, where there are quite a few desi kids for my son to play with. I would like him to be able to make friends from the Indian community as well as other communities in San Ramon. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  4. I m also in similar situation. planning to move on 16th aug.
    Want to be in Gale Ranch and Windemere areas.
    Any suggestions please?

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