Looking for Preschool Teacher

Smartkidz Preschool in Dublin is looking to hire a preschool teacher for the morning shift. The time for work would be 9.30 am -12 noon, Monday- Friday. The candidate must also be willing to complete all the formalities of the Community Care Licensing. This position is available for filling in immediately.
You get a chance to work with great and friendly staff and be in a fun-loving environment. There is a lot of flexibility at this workplace.
Call 408 515 0419 or email shaheener…@g…com  if you are interested.
1.Educate and care for children, age  2-5 years old
2.Willing to work and teach in a way that children can understand
3.Plan and carry out preschool curriculum such as language, math, motor skills, art and crafts, and social skills.
4.Organize activities so children can learn, explore, and develop skills.
5.Follow schedule, perform daily tasks on time and have fun.

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