Looking for Indian friends in Dublin

Hello everyone, we have just moved to Dublin and are looking for good families with kids for friendship.
I have 8 yr old kid(girl) who goes to Amador Elementary.

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  1. We are in Castro Valley, about 10 miles west of Dublin. We have 2 girls 9 and 4. Would you be interested in connecting? We speak Marathi/Hindi.

  2. Hello Archana,

    My son also goes to Amador Elementary. He is in 2nd grade. We also move here pretty recently, about 4 months back. we can meet sometime.

    1. Hi Mukta,
      Great! I would love to talk /connect with you. Pls email me your contact -phone/email at
      jobs4rs01 at gmail.com

  3. Hi Archana,
    My daughter is 8 too n goes to Fredrickson elementary and I live opposite to wells middle school . V can sure have some play date ☺️

  4. Hi guys.
    I am new in dublin and looking for some indian friends. Wud u be interested in connecting?


    1. Hi I am also new in Dublin and my daughter is 3rd grade in Kolb elementary school .we r also looking friends and I am also Hindi teacher .if u r looking Hindi teacher let me know & my no is 4083893075

    2. Hi Ritu,
      We would like to connect and make new friends. Where do you live ? Pls share phone number via email to chat. I also emailed you.

  5. Hi Friends, We (me and my wife) have recently moved to San Ramon from Chicago. we are looking to make new friends.

  6. Hi,
    We are looking for some friends to connect. As we are new to dublin,would really love to make friends. My husband and i moved here from Los angeles. And would be happy to get along.

    1. Hi Suhi, I was out of town entire summer. I would love to connect. Pls let me know your phone number and I will reach out to you.

  7. Hi Ladies,

    Am I late to the party? 🙂 I have two girls – 5 year old and 3 year old. would love to connect!

    We live in Pleasanton close to stoneridge mall… If there is a meetup, please add me: [email protected]


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