Homemade Organic Rotis, Halwa, Ladoo, Pickles

I am making fresh organic rotis (from freshly grounded wheat flour in my mill at home); 10 rotis for $7,  Paranthas-$3 each (Aaloo,Gobhi,paneer or any veggie of your choice (packed in aluminum  foil, topped with organic desi ghee or butter according to the choice)
* Halwa – Gajar, Mung dal, Petha, Besan Ladoo, Punjabi Pinni – about 10.99 per pound; post pregnancy Panjiri – $18; everything pure desi ghee
* Pickles – Mango, Lemon, Green chilly, Carrot, Ginger in lemon juice, Onion in lemon juice – with less salt and less oil
Contact freshgrains201…@g…com

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    1. Number is direct on VM..i am looking to purchase parathas once /twice a week..how should i contact you ? What is your location ?


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