Dosa Place South Indian Restaurant Dublin

7150 Village Pkwy
(at Amador Valley Blvd)
Dublin, CA 94568
(925) 235-3672

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7 thoughts on “Dosa Place South Indian Restaurant Dublin”

  1. They have a thali with 5 or 6 different kind of south indian rice. Sumptuous!

    In fact I would not really recommend any regular dosa/uttapam as their idea of sambar is slightly different. The quantities are more like chatnee. And the dosa is rarely crispy. Been there many times but now decided to stay away from dosa.

    Need to try their Indian Chinese next time.

    Coffee in typical south indian taste and potion (like 2-3 sips!)is very good. They used to give, may be like a free refill. Not any more. Wouldn't pay a dollar extra for that little quantity there…

    Over all the service is good. People are nice. Ample parking. 5% discount if you pay cash. Amex not accepted.

  2. Hello priya,

    I am Vinay, one of the partners at Dosa Place. Thanks for your feedback and good to hear what people are thinking about Dosa Place. Coming to Dosas, we have many crispy style dosas in our menu. Next time, I recommend trying Rava dosas or Podi Dosa which are well done and very crispy. If you order a dosa with chutney spead on it (like Mysore masala), then it will loose its crispyness. That's the nature of Dosa. On coffee, I am not sure if you noticed the price reduction…its now just 1.49 and you still get a refill for 99 cents which totals to our initial coffee price of $2.49 with a free refill.

    Hope this helps.



  3. Liked their chairs and colors of decor. Staff is friendly. They did not have a couple of items on the menu. Foods changed from last times, probably cook changed. They need to accept american express cards too. Though the ginger dosa was very spicy – but food is highly recommended.

  4. We just visited DP for the first time this sunday. Clean & fresh place. Not overly Indian in decor.

    As for the food – nice decent food. Just wish Sambar quantity was more. People generally have lots of sambar & coconut chutney.

    Do you add soda to your Peserattu.

  5. Hello Dipti,

    Thanks for your feedback. Regarding sambar adn chutnies, there is no limit and feel free to ask for extra chutnies and sambar as needed (infact, specify them to bring sambar in big bowls).

    Regarding pesarattu, we do not use soda.



    (partnet – Dublin Dosa Place)

  6. Management has changed, its no longer dosa place, The new name is Dosa Bawarchi. And its no longer a vegetarian's delight. In fact is now a meat lovers place. Don't know why the management sold out. The Dosa Place always used to be full of people, so cant imagine they were not doing good business.

  7. One less place in the area to eat good vegetarian/south-indian fare. Actually its sad, because dosa place was really the best one…. 🙁

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