Donate indian clothes?

Hi, I have a very large amount of nearly-new or brand new Indian clothes that I would like to donate. Could someone please tell me where I could do so?  They are in great condition and suit all ages.
Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Donate indian clothes?”

  1. Hi I have lots of Indian suits looks like new ! Where I can donate ? If someone collecting and can sent to Punjab ( India ) to the poor peoples !

  2. My family has an Indian fabric store called India Fabric Imports on University Ave in Berkeley. We are looking to donate our fabric inventory. Does anyone know the best place to do this?

  3. I have about 12 brand new Indian dress (still in the original bags) ordered for an Indian wedding however they did not fit. I would very much like to donate the beautiful clothes to women from India. Please advise if you accept such donations.

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