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Work-from-home Coffee group

Tri-Valley area increasingly has a large number of people who got to figure out the ‘commute’ aspect of their lives. Everyone dreads 680 during office commute hours; so some do very early, odd hours, and others choose car pools that help a bit, so does the variable toll lane. Many others have figured a way to only commute a couple or so days a week. Taking BART to the city has its own issues – parking, passes, you go standing unless you rush in at first Dublin/Pleasanton station. And then there are those lucky ones who commute to a job within this area; and best, who have no commute at all, i.e. they work from home.
Many companies are beginning to let their employees to work from home. There are many plus-es to it, and many negatives. That’s another story. One key aspect is the missing social set up: you don’t have people to meet and greet over coffee, lunch, on way to meetings, rest room, parking.
So this is a call to set up a local group to keep the social aspect alive. If you predominantly work from home, and would like to meet other people (in similar situation) over an occasional cup of coffee, or may be even over lunch, please reach out. We could probably meet over a monthly lunch, or take a coffee break someone centrally near Hacienda Crossings at around 3:00 PM (when the east coast starts going dead). The common thread would, obviously, be, that we all work from home! Any other ideas are totally welcome.
Please email me at [email protected] or leave a message below.
Thanks, Rohit