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MAUJ Catering

MAUJ Catering serves haute cuisine with distinct flavors from India that will tantalize your taste buds! Every dish is freshly cooked using the best ingredients and can still be customized to your special needs. From daily dinners to office lunches, from birthday parties to anniversary celebrations, and from puja ceremonies to festival parties, MAUJ Catering can serve you delicious meals to remove the hassles of cooking at home. So go ahead, try one of our tasty creations from the wide set of choices in our weekly menu and enjoy! Contact at men…@m…com for more details.

Stressed over “What’s for Dinner?” Don’t be.

Now freshly made home cooked North Indian dinner is ready for pick up…
How it works…

  1. Check weekly menu on OR get weekly menu on email
  2. Choose the day you want your meal
  3. Call and place the order a day in advance
  4. Your meal is ready for pick-up

If Indian food intrigues you and if you are looking for home cooked Indian meals, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.
Call me on 408 838 9473 or send an email to d3men…@g…com if you need more details.