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Home made Veg/Non Veg and Keto diet food

Veg Curries: Qty 16OZ or mentioned qty.
All  Veg  Gravy curries 8, Fry Curries 10, etc.
Non Veg Curries  15: Chicken gravy(almond, cashew nut)  12, Salmon Fish Fry 18, etc.
Keto Diet: Using Olive Oil, Avacado Oil, Coconut Oil.
Chicken Dry Fruits curry 15, Mixed Veg table Cheese Omelet (Organic eggs)10
Diet mirchi powder (sesame seeds, flex seeds, cumin seeds, sea salt, chilli powder, garlic) 15.  (useful for salad dressing and boiled eggs)
Chutneys @ 10:
Appetizers: Gobi 65 . [email protected], etc.
Smoothies: 1glass @10
Apple banana milk shake
Please order one day before @9257503835