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Ashrutam – The Unheard Voice – An Indian Dance production

Ashrutam – The Unheard Voice is an Indian Dance-Theater production that honors and recognizes the contribution of Devadasis to Indian performing arts. Devadasis were a matriarchal community of women who were not only instrumental in cultivating and propagating arts through  the  generations,  but they were also fiercely independent  women who challenged the norms of the  patriarchal society. Ashrutam shares my interpretation of their voice and a narrative of their life.
Nov 1 – Nov 3, ODC Theater, San Francisco
Link to tickets 
Watch the Ashrutam Promotional video

Bharatanatyam Classes At Siddhi Dance Academy

SiddhiDanceAcademyHello Everyone, This is Surabhi Bharadwaj, Founder & Artistic Director of Siddhi Dance Academy, Dublin, CA. Siddhi Dance offers a comprehensive dance curriculum for students, ages 5 and above. Classes will commence on July 10th 2016. Please visit the website for more information.
Classes will be conducted by (me) Surabhi Bharadwaj – I’ve been trained in India for 20 years and have been performing professionally for the past 6 years.
If you’d like more information, please do get in touch with me: surabh…@s…com or (415) 597 6543.
Kindly spread the word.
Surabhi Bharadwaj