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2-Day Meditation Training Program

2-Day Meditation Training Program
March 22-23 (Sat &Sun): 9:30am – 6:00pm (Cost: Free)

For: This course is suitable for aspirants (ages 18 – 50) who seek Realization and an effective meditation method for achieving it. It is for those who want to understand the meaning of existence and to realize their full potential.

Course Content: The course provides an overview of Natural Path, also known as Pranahuti Aided Meditation (PAM), a new system of Rajayoga for Self Realization.
The Course Will Teach:
• A complete set of daily meditation practices.
• A simple and holistic way of living to be in tune with cosmic consciousness.
• How control of mind and concentration is achieved.
• The method of Pranahuti (yogic transmission technique) as an active and continuous support for practitioners to achieve highest level of consciousness.
• The complete map of spiritual journey up to the highest levels of consciousness.

Experiential: The course includes four experiential silent meditation sessions (about 30-40 min each) conducted by a competent trainer. The participants will have the first-hand practical experience of this advanced meditation technique.

Registration: Call 510-405-1630 or Email: [email protected]
Location: Multiple Locations in San Francisco Bay Area
Organizer: Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness, a nonprofit organization
Cost: This course and all future on-going training and support are free of cost.
*The course has limited seats.