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Nanny/mother’s helper/cook available weekday mornings

Hi All, Our nanny/cook is looking for part time opportunities in weekday mornings 9-1pm. She has been with us for over a year now and helps us everyday from 2 -6 pm. She is Punjabi and a very loving and genuinely caring lady. She started with us as my 2 year old son’s nanny and now she mostly helps us with cooking, cleaning and laundry and a little bit in the evening once my son gets back from school. She drives to our place from Larthrop. We are in Pleasanton and another family from Dublin/Pleasanton would be ideal. Do reach out to me if you need more details (480-234-8727). She is looking to start urgently because the family she used to work for in the mornings are traveling to India and no longer need her.

Indian nanny available in November

Hi, We are going to be in India for the first 3 weeks of November so our wonderful nanny  is available for hours 2 PM – 7 PM during that period.  She drives and can handle pickups and dropoffs. She is a great cook and makes yummy and healthy food for the whole family. Very nice lady with a great work attitude. Never late and very accommodating.  If your current nanny is not available during that time or if you have a short term need, please let me know.

part-time mother’s helper available for weekday evenings

Hi, My daughter’s ex-nanny Manjeet Kaur is looking for part-time mother’s helper position in the weekday evenings after 4:30 pm for 2-3 hours. She is an excellent cook and also can look after younger kids and keep them engaged.
She commutes by bus and is looking for work in Dublin and Pleasanton connected by public transport. Please reach out to her directly at 925-914-1393.

king size bed mattress nightstand – $600

Modern, elegant king platform bed with memory foam mattress and nightstand on sale. Used occasionally in the guest room. Originally bought for $1099 (bed) + $234 (nightstand) on Please check out link for original pictures of the bed and nightstand.

Memory foam mattress bought less than 3 years back from originally priced $400
InterDesign Wall Mount, Mail and Key Rack, Bronze

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Twin Crazy Quilt with 7-Inch TriZone Mattress

Whitmor 6780-3139-WHT White Resin 20 Pair Shoe Rack