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I'm a tutor, teaching for the last 7 years. I tutor First grade to 7th grade. Currently, doing online tutoring.

Looking for Free Help with the College Application Process?

 We’re a team of 8 undergraduate students from a variety of schools, some of which include UC Berkeley, Washington University in St. Louis, Berklee College of Music, and University of Washington, Seattle! We represent not just majors ranging from anthropology to biology to finance, but also a range of career and graduate pathways. We’ve all been in the shoes of anxious, confused, and curious high schoolers seeking help to navigate the college application process. We know how expensive and exclusive college counseling services can be. To help out, we’ve started a free one-on-one college advising service for high school students. Whether you’re a freshman wanting to learn more about how to start thinking about fields of study you might be interested in or a senior getting ready to submit your applications, this service is for you. From college essay review to resume building to answering any questions about college life/applications, this service provides an individualized approach at no cost! If your kids or anyone you know are in high school, please let them know about this! To get more information, fill out this form and we’ll keep you updated

Geography Classes for a Great Cause

Dear Parents,
My name is Rishvanth, a freshman at DVHS. Recently, I was introduced to a wonderful organization called PURE that strives to help underprivileged children through the power of education. As I was listening to members of the organization talk about their experiences, the problems they were describing for the children were very disheartening. Girls in India didn’t have proper bathroom supplies which caused them to miss school days. This resonated with me, because a simple, everyday aspect that many fortunate people overlook is a big hurdle for kids to overcome in other places of the world. After the meeting, I was determined to help in any way I could. So, I decided to do something I love that would aid the organization. Then I realized that I can use my 2 years of experience in teaching Geography to start a Geography Class whose proceeds will go straight to the charity. I will be giving weekly classes for one hour to elementary kids. That’s why I am requesting a donation of $10 a month. Together, we can make a difference in children’s lives and open a door to a safer and better path.
Email: rishithelyche…@g…com
Organization Info:

Elementary Science Olympiad 2017/2018 Info Session

Hello parents, The San Ramon Elementary Science Olympiad (SRESO) will be starting soon.
Elementary Science Olympiad 2017-18: Science Olympiad is an exciting competition for students to explore the world of science and to show off their science skills. The Science Olympiad is a rewarding experience for anyone who participates, as it builds strong life skills like teamwork, thinking on your feet, and organization/management. Science Olympiad prepares students for middle school and high school science competitions and also gives lots of awards!
Who can participate? 4th and 5th Graders in teams of 6(each team must be from the same school)
Informational Meeting:
Wednesday, October 18, 6:30-7:30 P.M.
Bella Vista Elementary Multi-Purpose Room
Please RSVP if possible by sending an e-mail to:
Rithvik Ramesh    rr.sres…@g…com
For more info, visit:
Flyer: SRESO Flyer 2017-18 Updated