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Homemade food ready for pickup in Dublin

Hello there,
I am preparing organic homemade rotis and paratas (indian breads )
-Aloo parata – dollar each
-gobi parata – dollar each
-palak parata – dollar each
-plain whole wheat rotis – 4 for 2 dollars
-puran poli / bakshalu (sweet roti made with daal and jaggery stuffing) – dollar each
Order will be prepared on request and atleast 1 day prior to pick up for small orders. For bulk orders please let us know 2-3 day before.
For ordering or further info please call at 925-361-2863.
Thank you,

Fresh home made Indian food near Emerald Glen park

Hello there, We are preparing fresh rotis (Indian wheat bread), palak roti (spinach roti) and carrot roti .  We also prepare puran poli (also called bakshalu in telugu) upon request. We also take party orders.
You will have to pick up the food upon order.  We are located in Dublin ranch near Embrald glen park on Tassajara.
Please order at least 3 – 4 hour before for rotis , at least a day before for Puran poli and at least a week before for party orders. For more details please contact: 925-361-2863(Laxmi).