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Looking for 1 Key Business Partner in Ireland

Dear Ireland Desis – I am based in the USA for the last few decades. We have a very established network marketing business with a very strong presence in the USA, UK, India and several other countries.
At this time, I am very keen to have a strong foothold in Ireland Area (UK and Ireland being one market for our business). I am looking for one key player with whom I can closely work and establish our presence in Ireland area.
I bring in a very strong expertise in network marketing having built a very strong business in tandem with one of the largest MLM countries in the world. If you are keen to establish a strong source of income (starting as a secondary source) from Ireland, USA/Canada, India etc, please send me a note.
We can discuss and I will guide whoever chooses to work with me.

(this post is a cross-connection to Dublin, Ireland, a mix up with Dublin, CA; but nevertheless an opportunity – Administrator)