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Need Nanny/ Sitter/ Driver/ Helper

Hi Neighbors,
I need a sitter/ nanny/ helper who can drive my 2 kids to their summer classes, and help them get ready between the classes. Starting with summer classes now, then in the afternoons during the school year.
I’m open to a live-in nanny/ helper as well. In that case, I could use some help around the house too for laundry, meal prep, etc while the kids are in school. That will solve your housing situation too!
Pls contact 925-236-0717

Live-in/ part-time nanny /nanny-share needed in West Dublin

Hi, I’m looking for a nanny that can be either part-time or live-in.
If part-time, then this person would pick my kids from school, help them with homework, kids activities and snack at my home and drop them to 1 class per day (from where I can pick up).
I’m open to this being a nanny share with another family as well.
If live-in, this person can help with some household chores in the time the kids are in school.
Pls email call/text 415-412-5428