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Live In-Elderly Care

I am looking for live in Elderly Care for my mother in law that lives in Pleasanton.  Duties would include, bathing,  and bathroom, dressing, feeding and light housework.    Please let me know if you are interested.  You may contact me at 510 432 4139.

Help Needed For My Elderly Mother In Pleasanton

Help Needed For My Mother In PleasantonShe has severe asthma and other long term ailments which have left her walking with a walker and cane and less mobile than a typical 70-year-old.
We’re looking for a caring person who is OK with doing light dishes and laundry for my mother and father as well as tea and snack / light meal prep. Indian food is a huge plus.
Looking for someone who can help with random things around the house, nothing intense. Ideally, you’re OK with going to DR apt with them to help her in and out of car.