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Choral, Rhythm and Movement Summer Camp

Run by the highly trained instructors of the award-winning Cantabella  Children’s Choir, Grace Edwards & Judy Harcourt. This summer camp will expose children to choral and music literacy, rhythm exploration and development, and expressive movement and dance. As always with Cantabella, classes will be filled with lessons in healthy vocal production, artistic expression of beautiful and lively music, and fun-fun along the way.
The camps will run Monday through Friday, 9am to 12pm for a total of five classes. Classes will be comprised of small groups, for ages 6 to 12 years-old. Questions regarding either camp can be sent to Elain…@C…com

Livermore: To register, contact LARPD 925-373-5700 or online: Enter Course # 9822
June 27 to July 1
Granada Baptist Church
945 Concannon Blvd

Pleasanton: to register: Enter barcode 62797
June 20 to 24
Valley Community Church
4455 Del Valle Parkway