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Artistic Director, Vrindavan Dance Academy, San Ramon, CA 94583

Bharata Natyam- Vrindavan Dance Academy- Now Enrolling

Enrollment for the 2017-18 year now open at Vrindavan Indian Dance Academy in San Ramon.  Streamlined curriculum, professional space, quality teaching, and performance opportunities! Kalakshetra style of Bharata Natyam taught in traditional and structured progression – from adavus to arangetram.
Limited openings in Beginner and Intermediate levels.   Assessments in session, will continue till openings are filled. Contact – bind…@v…com or bindu.vrindava…@g…com
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Bharata Natyam – Vrindavan Indian Dance Academy

vrindavan-dance-academyVrindavan Indian Dance Academy is currently enrolling new students in the Beginner and lower level Intermediate batches for Fall 2016. A premier dance school, we have offered training in Bharata Natyam’s technique and performance for over 10 years in San Ramon. Few openings left. If interested, please email [email protected]. For more info, check our website

Bharata Natyam Dance Lessons

Vrindavan Indian Dance Academy is currently open for enrollment of new students for 2015-2016 academic year.Spring_Picture

  •  Instruction in the Kalakshetra style of Bharata Natyam with traditional pieces and new choreography.
  • Structured curriculum offering students a strong foundation in the technical (nritta) and narrative (abhinaya) aspects of classical dance.
  • Theory discussions highlighting the cultural and spiritual roots of the art tradition of India.
  • Beginner student assessments starting August 3rd.
  • Classes held in SRVDA studios in San Ramon.

For details, contact Bindu Shankar at bindu.vrindava…@g…com. Students must be 6 years of age and older.