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Morning Help Needed in Jordan Ranch

We are looking for someone to come to our house and get the kids ready for school in the mornings. We live in Jordan Ranch so prefer someone that is nearby. Hours preferred are from 6.30-8.30, 5 days a week. We are flexible on the hours and number of days. The kids usually wake up at 7 ish, so the main duty is to get them breakfast, get them ready for school (I’ll take them to school), help them make beds and have them put away their stuff (we want them to make their own beds and put away their own stuff), help with folding laundry (2X a week), light house work and some cooking would be a bonus. Call Alok at 925-364-7327.

Pick-up From Green Elementary–Dublin

Hi, We are looking for someone to pick up our daughter from Green. We live near Positano. She is in 1st grade. Our first preference is to find someone that can pick her up at 2 on Monday/Tuesday and 3 on the other days and take her to after school activities that start at 4.30 on Monday and 3.30 on Tues/Thurs. You can just drop her there and we can pick her up after that, or if you need more hours, you can bring her home too. All her activities are within 5 miles from where we live.
If you live near Green, you can pick her up and take her to your house where we can pick her up around 5.30 or you can bring her to our house and watch her till 5.30. If your child goes to Green and attends other after school activities, we can enroll her in those too so that you can take them both.
In addition to that we are looking for someone from 5.30 to 8.15 in the mornings. Your duties include getting the kids ready for school, dropping one to Green and dropping another to a daycare which is in the same area. My number is 402-770-4165.

Full time nanny needed in Dublin

Hi, We are looking for a full-time nanny from 6-6 on weekdays. We live in Dublin by Fallon Rd. and require someone that lives in Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore. We need someone that has own car and can drive to drop our 6 yr. old to school, pick her up from school and take her to her after school activities. Her school and all her activities are in Dublin within 5 miles from our house. We have another 1 yr. old that you will be taking care of too. Although we want someone that is available 6-6, we do not need you for all 12 hrs. everyday. Most of the days it is from 7-5.15, there will be times when I may have to leave early so just wanted to make sure that the person we get is available during those hours. In addition to taking care of the kids, we would like you to clean up kids room, living area and fold their laundry. Monthly salary will be paid based on market rate and you will be paid for all national holidays. If you live nearby, after you drop our daughter to school at 8.15 you can take our son to your house and watch him there and can come back at 2 to pick her up and take her to her activities. We need someone to start from the last week of October. Please feel free to call at 925-364-7389.

Looking for a nanny in Dublin

We are looking for a nanny for our 1 yr. old son and 6 year old daughter. We need someone who has own transportation and need to be able to drop off/pick up from school which is 5 mins drive from where we live. We need someone from 5.30am to 5.30 pm 5 days a week