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Lil Buds Daycare has openings

Lil Buds Daycare has openings!
No contracts and no deposits, we allow parents to purchase just the time they need. We have 1 full-time Infant spot, 1 full-time Toddler spot, as well as hourly drop-in available all week (all summer) for parents.
The Daycare Owl platform has empowered daycares to offer more child care services, and you can book hourly care at our daycare starting at $9/hr. The Daycare Owl platform has essentially allowed daycares to act like Air BnBs, parents receive FSA and tax friendly receipts with each transaction.
There are no contracts or deposits for this spot, parents can book as much or as little time as they need, BUT you must have forms on file, we are a licensed daycare. Please visit our site and call us today, 510-396-4260 to setup an appointment to tour our facility.
Why is the rate so low?
I charge $350 for a infant per week, I work 50 hours per week. I make $7/hr per child. The rate is low to you, but it is a mark-up for my little daycare. We all win 😊