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Vastu Foundation Course in San Ramon

Vastu originated in India but the way it is spreading its wings in US proves that this ancient Indian science has no boundaries. Globally, people are becoming more and more conscious about their surroundings and its impact on life.

After getting many requests at MahaVastu San Ramon Centre, we are organizing another 2-Day Vastu Course so that more and more people can learn how to attract money, happiness and good health by making simple changes at home. 10986185_1093206204028800_4167242523034619631_n
What you will learn?
* How to select a Vastu perfect new apartment?
* How placement of interior objects like study table, A.C., photographs, dustbin etc can effect your income, study, health or relations?
* MahaVastu Remedies
* How to make your existing house Vastu-perfect?
* Vastu Secrets of Family Harmony
* Which directions ensure money flow?
Watch what people have to say about this course:
Contact: MahaVastu San Ramon Centre: 925-965-0383, 510-517-4236
Register Now: – 30 – 31 May,2015 (10am to 6pm)