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Mr. Vaneet Sharma who is serving Bay Area and the USA for the last 2 decades, is a God-gifted talent with a vast clientele that includes the best of the doctors, technocrats, lawyers, businessmen, and political honchos from the US and other parts of the world including India.
His professional background as a mathematician helps him to synergize the best of both worlds and scientifically analyze and justify those all-important predictions. In fact, that is the reason for his immense popularity among IT professionals which has made him the most sought-after astrologer of North America!
His ethics and commitment towards the job with a single focus of adding values in people’s lives is the key behind those 1000s of satisfied and happy customers who have become more of a family now. He is a pride of us Indo Americans since this Bay area-based Astro Vastu specialist is the only astrologer from the US who has been selected for special honor from India’s previous president Mr. Pranav Mukherjee!
He can be contacted at or vaneetsharm…@v…com or Ph: +1 510-648-4899