Looking for parttime nanny 3-4hrs in morning Dublin

we have two kids (4yr old  and 5 month old) and are looking for someone to help us as nanny or as household help in the mornings for 3 to 4hours every day of week (monday to friday).  our son goes to pre-school in morning and we both work as well. so we need extra set of hands for help in morning between us taking care of baby, preparing our son for school, getting ready for work, doing light cooking or prep for cooking, helping with dishes, doing kids laundry, etc.  Ideally start between 7:30 to 8:30am and finish by 12 to 1pm. We would expect nanny to have own ride for commute. If you have other part-time work near Dublin emerald glenn park area then ideally you can walk to the other place for afternoon help as well.   We are very close to Dougherty elementary school and Emerald Glenn park off of central parkway, close to 580 and BART stop. please email or contact me at 6172810761 or leapton (at) gmail (dot)com

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